Leichtigkeit - Rita Bard - acrylic, watercolor, graphite

on paper, 30 x 22 inches -

collection of Sandy Besser

Leanne Goebel’s review of Rita Bard’s work at a group exhibition “mind the gap” at Eight Modern Gallery,
Santa Fe , NM, 2008

Mind the Gap–Or Not

Excerpt from the review of exhibit at Eight Modern Gallery in Santa Fe, NM
“Mind the Gap” is a warning phrase and a reminder to passengers in the London Underground of the significant—and potentially dangerous—space between the train door and the station platform. To “Mind the Gap” means that one does not stray beyond the bounds of normalcy and status quo. Cyndi Conn, former curator for the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe, recently curated an exhibit of contemporary surrealism for Eight Modern gallery themed and titled: “Mind the Gap.” Beyond reality and consciousness, within the gap, is a dreamlike, hallucinatory world that is mined by artists every day, artists who dwell between fact and imagination, between truth and reality. Conn selected six of these artists for the exhibition: Rita Bard, Jennifer Hoag, Fay Ku, Katherine Lee, Kim Russo and Tuscany Wegner.
Rita Bard’s watercolor on paper paintings pile up and pair down everyday objects such as couches and chandeliers into striking, sometimes ludicrous and often enchanting scenes. Bard explores philosophical and moral issues with tongue firmly in cheek.