"In classical logic, a contradiction consists of a logical incompatibilty between two or more propositions.”

Multimedia artist Rita Bard's takes us through emotions of darkness and brightness. Her work evokes feelings of anger, tenderness, honesty, despair and silliness and compassion. Bard forces us to confront our humanity and look at where we find ourselves on the scale of judgement and altruism.

Bard has shown Her work at the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Box Gallery, Eight Modern, Launch Projects in Santa Fe and numerous galleries in the US. Bard started freeform art space in 2014 as part a community art practice: freeform serves as a venue for guest curators and artists to show “commercially risky”, challenging and/or under appreciated artists’ work.

She is member of Art Shape Mammoth a creative community that "cultivates radical societal transformation by supporting and performing activities that promote social justice, education, and environmental sustainability.” In 2015, Bard initiated the first “Art’s Birthday” Santa Fe event, based on Fluxus member Robert Fillious’ 1963 original concept of “Art’s Birthday”. On this project she collaborated with art writer Kathryn M. Davis, Axle Contemporary, The New Mexico Museum of Art and the Eternal Network - Arts Birthday Global Network Exchange. The original “Art’s Birthday” is an ongoing event that occurs through out the globe every January 17. 

Early exposure to architecture and fine art galvanized an decision to pursue studies in creative fields starting with graphic design and architectural art glass. She built an early career as a glass artist working in architectural art glass firms in Kentucky and New York. Wanting a more in-depth relationship with fine art she chose to pursue a BFA in printmaking at Maine College of Art in 1999, graduating in 2002/2013. Bard was raised in Kentucky and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and their assorted animals in 2004

She maintains freeform artspace and a very active studio practice in Santa Fe, NM.