Multimedia artist Rita Bard was born in Louisville, Ky and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2002. Childhood exposure to architecture and classical art inspires her work and galvanized her to pursue studies in graphic design and architectural art glass. She built a career as a stained glass artist, working for 20 years before resuming a fine art education at Maine College of Art, graduating in 2002.

Bard avails herself of the sumptuous plethora of materials, techniques and technologies available to the contemporary artists today - incorporating into practice her belief that art is both, a mirror of one's lived experience, and is a portrait of the heart's longing for understanding. Her creative expression interfaces digital with the analogue to create a liminal space that serves as an opening where new questions, myths, narratives and iconographies can come into being.

Bard has shown at the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Box Gallery, Eight Modern, Launch Projects in Santa Fe and other galleries throughout the US. She founded freeform art space in 2014 as part of her community art practice' Freeform serves as a venue for guest curators and artists

Collaborating with arts writer Kathryn M. Davis, Axle Contemporary Mobile Gallery and The New Mexico Museum of Art, Bard initiated the 1st “Art’s Birthday” Santa Fe, after Fluxus artist Robert Fillious’ 1963 concept. The original “Art’s Birthday” continues around the globe every January 17. She maintains a very active studio practice.